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  • "Bumpintomums"
    Missy Tena
    My five year old did enjoy this show but some of the themes were concerning in my opinion for a show targeted at young children. One scene saw one of the performers put a plastic bag over his head while holding his groin for a minute or so. Bizarre choice of behaviour and unnecessary in my opinion. There was also a scene when they re-enacted a war scene scene. This involved a machine gun sound track as well as pretending to shoot in the direction of the audience with their hands. Again, not the best modelling. There was also a strange scene with a Jewish star and also a catholic cross on a bin where they pretend to be at a funeral and pretend to cry. At the end there was a big push for their merchandise which they sold directly out of the exit so you couldn't get away from it. I'd be careful about attending this show.


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End: Saturday Sep 30 2017
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