Returning from a sell out season at the Edinburgh Fringe with rave reviews, this award winning, sidesplitting slapstick comedy routine takes the household wheelie bin to new heights, and delivers a dump-truck full of hilarity!

Three dexterous dummies will take you on a journey into their playful imagination, where they invite you to take a fresh look at the humble household wheelie bin.

With a little imagination the bins become cars, hideaway trenches, chariots, rocket ships, musical instruments and equipment for circus madness. There’s music, dance and epic immersive action!

The performance will run for 55 minutes and is for audiences of all ages. Be prepared to have your funny bone strummed and your mind blown by what the human body is capable of!

Opening Hours:

Address: 3 Blackwood St, 3051, North Melbourne, VIC
Events: Start Saturday 23 September 2017 End: Saturday 30 September 2017
Location : North.
Age : Families.
Cost : Adult $25; Children/Concession $22.
Prebook : Book via the Melbourne Fringe Festival website.
In/Outdoor : Indoor.

Trash Test Dummies

3 Blackwood St, 3051, North Melbourne, VIC

Missy Tena

My five year old did enjoy this show but some of the themes were concerning in my opinion for a show targeted at young children. One scene saw one of the performers put a plastic bag over his head while holding his groin for a minute or so. Bizarre choice of behaviour and unnecessary in my opinion. There was also a scene when they re-enacted a war scene scene. This involved a machine gun sound track as well as pretending to shoot in the direction of the audience with their hands. Again, not the best modelling. There was also a strange scene with a Jewish star and also a catholic cross on a bin where they pretend to be at a funeral and pretend to cry. At the end there was a big push for their merchandise which they sold directly out of the exit so you couldn\'t get away from it. I\'d be careful about attending this show.

3 Blackwood St, 3051, North Melbourne, VIC

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