Last year 300 kids under 10 years old ran 1-2 km for charities of their choice, raising $30 000 between them.

26th October 2014 will see the Melbourne Kids’ Fun Run take place in Malvern, offering your children the chance to run a 1-2km track (with a parent), get some sponsorship from family and friends, choose a charity to support and write or draw a letter to that charity.

There’s lots to do before and after The Run…Warm-Up with AllSportz Activities on the oval before and some Cool-Down music at The Stage afterwards. In between, find yourself some food from the food vans, do some African Drumming and do some crafty activities with your chosen charity in the Giving Tent.

Opening Hours:

Address: Spring Street, 3144, Malvern, VIC
Event Date: Sunday 26 October 2014
Location : East.
Age : Children aged 0 – 10 are invited to take part.
Cost : Adult/s + 1 child - $30.00, Adult/s + 2 children - $60.00, Adult/s + 3 children - $90.00, Adult/s + 4 children - $120.00.
Prebook : Register online.
Parent Accompany Child : A running parent to accompany child.
Pram Accessibility : Children who are too young to walk can be pushed in a pram or trike.
Refreshments : Food vans.
In/Outdoor : Outdoor.
Parking : Free parking available on all four sides of the park.

Little Doers Melbourne Kids Fun Run

Spring Street, 3144, Malvern, VIC
Spring Street, 3144, Malvern, VIC

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