Leaping lizards is a physical education program for children aged 16mths to Yr5. Classes prekinder are for 45mins and parent assisted. Other classes are for an hour with children only.
An opportunity to get your child fit while having fun and developing their physical, spatial, coordination, visual and auditory skills. This is done through the use of small equipment, climbing, ride on toys, with balls etc
Kinder and school group parties too!

Phone: 0412544987

Opening Hours:

Address: 1 Woodville St, 3104, North Balwyn, VIC
Location : East.
Age : 16mths to Yr5.
Cost : $11.50/45min class, $13.50/60min class plus insurance.
Prebook : Term bookings.
Parent Accompany Child : Pre-kinder classes are parent assisted.
Changing facilities : None.
Pram Accessibility : A few steps, easy access.
Refreshments : Excellent local cafes near by.
In/Outdoor : Indoor.
Free Trial : Trials for 2 weeks need to be booked and cost $30.

Leaping Lizards

1 Woodville St, 3104, North Balwyn, VIC
1 Woodville St, 3104, North Balwyn, VIC

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