Letterland is a child-friendly, multi-sensory system for teaching children to read, write and spell. The secret of its worldwide success lies in its pictogram characters and their ability to make learning fun!

In the first half your child will learn letters and their sounds. They will sing songs and become identified with the fun, engaging Letterland characters such as Annie Apple and Clever Cat. In the second half your child will sit down to their own drawing and craft activity where they will practice letter formations, sounds and have fun pasting and colouring.

There is a lovely cafe/playground just steps away from the Learning Room where mums can enjoy morning tea > www.bumpintomums.com.au/stain-cafe-and-playground

Phone: 02 8404 0565

Opening Hours:

Address: 565 Mowbray Road, 2066, Lane Cove, NSW
Location : North.
Age : 3.5 - 5 years.
Cost : Introduction $195.
Prebook : Term Bookings.
Parent Accompany Child : No.
Changing facilities : None.
Pram Accessibility : Pram accessible.
Breastfeeding Area : Breastfeeding friendly.
Refreshments : Stain Cafe close by.
In/Outdoor : Indoor.
Parking : Free parking.

Early Learning World, Letterland Classes

565 Mowbray Road, 2066, Lane Cove, NSW
565 Mowbray Road, 2066, Lane Cove, NSW

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