Creature is a modern retelling of the 1899 Australian classic children’s book, Dot and the Kangaroo, featuring breathtaking aerial acrobatics, live music and spectacular 3D projections.

The story follows 5-year-old Dot who, lost in the bush, is rescued by a kangaroo who gives her magic ‘berries of understanding’ that allow her to follow the languages of all the animals and insects around her.

With this new gift, Dot and the Kangaroo set out on an action-packed adventure to return her home – an adventure that changes the way she sees the Australian bush and her place within it forever.

Phone: 1300 182 183

Opening Hours:

Address: 100 St Kilda Road, 3004, Melbourne, VIC
Event Date: Saturday 12 May 2018
Location : CBD.
Age : Suitable for children 5+ years.
Cost : $18.00 - $29.00.
Prebook : Pre-book online.
In/Outdoor : Indoor.
Parking : Paid parking.

Creature at the Arts Centre Melbourne Dot and the Kangaroo

100 St Kilda Road, 3004, Melbourne, VIC
100 St Kilda Road, 3004, Melbourne, VIC

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