Cockatoo Island is a World-Heritage-listed island in the middle of Sydney Harbour. Hop on a ferry and explore the island for the day or stay overnight in the campground or holiday houses.

Cockatoo Island is a great place to take the kids. It’s a place to play and a place to learn as they explore the wonders of our past. From a real convict prison to the amazing shipbuilding machines, get ready for their imaginations to run overtime with all that there is to discover on the island.

A program of innovative activities presents opportunities for kids and families to engage with the island’s stories, as well as special events and festival programs.

Phone: 02 8969 2100

Opening Hours:

Address: Cockatoo Island, 2110, Sydney , NSW
Location : Inner West.
Age : Families.
Parent Accompany Child : Keep a close watch on any children with you and take care at all times.
Pram Accessibility : Most areas of the island are pram accessible.
Refreshments : BBQ facilities, Cafe or take a picnic.
In/Outdoor : Outdoor.
Parking : Catch the ferry.

Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island, 2110, Sydney , NSW
Cockatoo Island, 2110, Sydney , NSW

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