Business School for Mums launches its inaugural “Small Business Success Course” November 9th.

This LIVE 8 week intensive program will coach you through the entire process of taking a small business idea from conception through till launch.

This course is perfect for Mums who:
+ Want to explore the feasibility of a small business idea
+ Are ready to launch a small business idea
+ Are just starting out in small business and want support, guidance & advice

We’re 2 Mums running 3 businesses with 20+ years in business, media, marketing, sales & coaching plus various degrees & a Master’s under our belts – so we’ve got you covered from every angle!

We’ll be your side every step of the way, and will provide you with all the templates, tools and insights you’ll need to start with success. Plus our content is exclusively tailored for you as Mums so it’s real, relevant and relatable.

Phone: 0423 822 349

Opening Hours:

Events: Start Monday 9 November 2015 End: Monday 4 January 2016
Age : Any mums.
Cost : $597.
Prebook : Pre-booking essential.
Free Trial : We definitely offer discounts now and again and would love to extend one to you if you find out about us through Bump Into Mums.

Business School for Mums

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